British luxury luggage brand producing world-renowned suitcases.

Founded in 1897, Globe-Trotter is a British luxury luggage brand. Its world-renowned suitcases are known for their distinguished design and construction, with products that are handcrafted in the UK by skilled artisans, using original manufacturing methods and machinery.

We acquired a majority stake in the business in March 2020 and through our investment, we intend of strengthen Globe-Trotter’s positioning in the luxury travel luggage market, with continued online and offline expansion, product innovation leadership and operational excellence.

Market Dynamics

The luxury travel goods market has achieved strong historical growth of 5% p.a., benefiting from growth tailwinds driven by global macro and luxury travel trends. Whilst global market conditions are currently challenging for all businesses in light of coronavirus, both the luxury and travel goods markets have been shown to rebound following previous major global crises and recessions. With a loyal and influential customer base, including celebrities, royals and socialites, who are willing to spend on luxury consumption, Globe-Trotter is well placed to become a global player.

UK / Japan
Fund III
Investment Year
Having owned and developed Globe-Trotter for over 20 years, I am very happy to have found an experienced and supportive partner in Oakley to help accelerate the growth of the brand in the coming years.
Toshiyasu Takubo Globe-Trotter CEO
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