Shares Information

Oakley Capital Investments Limited is a closed ended company governed by the provisions of the Companies Act 1981 of Bermuda and is listed on the Specialist Fund Segment of the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. The rights of OCI shareholders may differ from the rights of shareholders of a company incorporated in the UK.

Oakley Capital Investments Limited is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms nor has any application been made for any such listing.

Issued Share Capital

As at 10 January 2020 the Company holds no ordinary shares in treasury, therefore the number of ordinary shares in issue is 198,599,936.

Asset Value Investors 28,390,000 14.30%
Invesco 23,200,522 11.68%
Oakley Capital Investments Limited Directors + Company Related Holdings 18,598,036 9.36%
Barwon Investment Partners 14,635,542 7.37%
Sarasin & Partners 14,077,233 7.09%
Lombard Odier Asset Management 10,356,932 5.22%
Cit of London Investment Management 9,580,164 4.82%
Fidelity Investment International 9,328,459 4.70%
Jon Wood & Family 8,010,194 4.03%
Rothschild & Co. Wealth Management 6,309,810 3.18%

The information shown is as at 10 January 2020

Significant Shareholders

The shareholders listed above have notified the Company that, at the time they made the notification, their shareholding had exceeded the appropriate disclosure thresholds.

The Bye-laws of Oakley Capital Investments Limited (“OCI”) contain provisions relating to the transfer of its shares.

Restriction on Transfer

The Board may decline to recognise any instrument of transfer unless a fee of such maximum sum  to be payable, or such lesser sum as the Directors may from time to time require, is paid to OCI in respect thereof; the instrument of transfer, if applicable, is properly stamped; is in respect of one class of share and is lodged at the relevant registration office or registered office or such other place at which the principal register is kept accompanied by the relevant share certificate(s) and such other evidence as the Board may reasonably require to show the right of the transferor to make the transfer (and if the instrument of transfer is executed by some other person on his behalf, the authority of that person to do so) and if the instrument of transfer is in favour of not more than four transferees.

If the Board refuses to register a transfer of any share, it shall within two months after the date on which the transfer was lodged with the Company, send to each of the transferor and transferee, notice of the refusal.

Net Asset Value