Investment Objective

OCI is an AIM listed investment vehicle, which provides access to the Oakley Funds: focused private equity portfolios of high-growth mid-market assets.

How are its Funds invested

OCI is invested in the Oakley Capital Funds, which are Europe-focused private equity funds that aim to build portfolios of high-growth, medium-sized companies, primarily in the Technology Media & Telecoms, Consumer and Education sectors.

In the past, OCI has also selectively taken direct equity stakes in Oakley Capital portfolio companies and, on occasion, invested in the debt of portfolio companies.

Oakley Capital Investments
Directly Invested
Why invest in OCI shares
OCI investors gain access to a truly differentiated model of private equity investing via the Oakley Capital Funds.

Oakley Capital has a proven model for sourcing investments and an excellent track record of identifying resilient value opportunities and delivering superior returns. The net assets of OCI have grown at a compound annual rate of 17% over the past five years.

OCI is a liquid vehicle that provides capital growth and dividends to its investors, supported by the proceeds it receives from realisations of assets by the Oakley Funds and interest payments received from debt investments.

The Board of OCI takes a conservative approach to the management of OCI assets, ensuring the company maintains healthy cash levels and cover, as well as an appropriately diverse portfolio. OCI also has the advantage of being able to maintain Oakley Capital as the investment manager for any direct investment opportunities it takes, even for portfolio companies where Oakley Capital Funds are no longer invested.
Historic Performance

OCI’s net asset value (NAV) has grown steadily since inception, with NAV-per-share up by 160%. Performance has been driven by the strong performance of the Oakley Funds, which have returned an average net IRR of ca. 22%.

1 year – 16% total NAV return

3 years – 47% total NAV return

10 years – 172% total NAV return

OCI’s assets by type

OCI’s assets include investment in the Oakley Funds, Co-investments (direct investments in the Funds’ portfolio companies) and Cash.

Oakley Fund Investment
Cash/Other Assets & Liabilities
Board of Directors