TechInsights is a global leader in the intellectual property and technology services market.

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TechInsights is a leading strategic patent and technology partner to some of the world’s most innovative companies. Over the past 25 years, the company has developed unparalleled capabilities in reverse engineering of advanced technology products.

TechInsights’ services are used to prove patent infringement and understand the technology behind everyday consumer electronics. Its customers, including the top ten semiconductor companies globally, use TechInsights services to maximise the value of their patent portfolios and to enable their technical and product development teams to stay up to date with the best-in-class designs and process technologies.

TechInsights’ highly skilled and specialised engineers, technical abilities, proprietary equipment and its extensive database of technical intelligence reinforce its position as the specialist of choice to provide evidence of intellectual property use and competitive technical intelligence.

Oakley acquired a majority stake in TechInsights in May 2017.