Headland Media is a leading B2B media content provider with offices in the UK, Europe and the United States.

Investment Year
Fund I

Headland distributes media content daily to an estimated 13,000 destinations using proprietary distribution channels and has an audience of approximately 20 million listeners and over 250,000 readers. Headland’s Entertainment division focuses on the design, production and distribution of audio and visual services for retailers. These services are used to build brands and generate in-store sales in over 2,200 retail outlets using live radio or pre-recorded services.

Headland’s Communication division specialises in the aggregation of media licences to produce media content that is delivered to remote destinations such as merchant shipping fleets using a variety of technologies including satellite communications.

Oakley acquired Headland Media from BSkyB in January 2008 at an enterprise value of £4.1m. During our ownership we provided additional funding to enable the business to consolidate its market leading position through four bolt-on acquisitions, and rationalised the cost base by consolidating Headland’s multi-site operations. In May 2013, the business was sold to KVH Industries Inc. at an enterprise value of £15.5m, generating a 2.7x return and 27% IRR.