Oakley is the lead investor in Educas, an investment vehicle established by Nadim Nsouli to acquire controlling stakes in premium private schools in several countries.

Investment Year
Fund I & Fund II

Educas was established in 2013 to acquire controlling stakes in premium private schools around the world.  The Educas management team has extensive sector experience and has partnered with top tier educators who have significant experience in opening new schools, turning around failing schools and growing and improving existing ones.

Educas’s first investment, in July 2013, was the acquisition of a majority stake in Reddam House – a group of four premium private schools in South Africa, founded by Graeme Crawford. Since this original acquisition, Educas has grown to a group of 26 schools across 4 continents, together educating over 15,000 pupils. In addition to acquiring existing schools, Educas also has a pipeline of new greenfield schools that will open in South Africa and a number of additional countries in the next few years.