The Directors are responsible for the overall management and control of the Company, including key investment decisions and risk management

The Directors are responsible for the overall management and control of Oakley Capital Investments Limited. The Directors review the operations of OCI at regular quarterly board meetings.

The Company has established an audit committee, and a risk committee, each with formally delegated duties and responsibilities. The entire Board of Directors is responsible for other functions including portfolio management, nomination and remuneration decisions.

Audit Committee


  • Laurence Blackall (Chair)
  • James Keyes

The Audit committee determines the terms of engagement of the Company’s auditors and determines, in consultation with the auditors, the scope of the audit and monitors the external auditor’s independence and objectivity.

The Audit Committee is involved in monitoring the integrity of the Company’s financial statements in discussion with the auditor, as well as reviewing internal financial controls

Risk Committee


  • Caroline Foulger (Chair)
  • Christopher Wetherhill

The purpose of the Risk Committee is to provide oversight of the risk management process for the Company and ensure that risks are identified, assessed, monitored and mitigated in accordance with its risk appetite.

The Committee also plays a central role in ensuring that material emerging risks, which have the potential to affect the Company, are identified in a timely manner and managed in an appropriate manner.

Corporate Governance

The Directors recognise the importance of sound corporate governance and have adopted policies and procedures which reflect those principles of Good Governance and Code of Best Practice as published by the Committee on Corporate Governance (commonly known as the “Combined Code”) as are appropriate to the Company’s size. The Directors note that Bermuda, the country of incorporation of the Company, has no specific corporate governance regulatory regime.